Metal Toxicology: Lead (Pb), Iron (Fe), Arsenic (As), and Cadmium (Cd)

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What is the primary cause of lead poisoning?

Exposure to lead in the environment

What is the common name for lead poisoning?


What organ or tissue is particularly vulnerable to lead toxicity?

Brain and nervous system

How do young children primarily get exposed to lead?

Ingesting lead-based paint chips and dust

What is the classification of lead poisoning dependent on?

Depends on the exposure route and level

What percentage of the earth's crust does lead make up?


What are the main symptoms of acute lead poisoning?

Gastrointestinal problems and muscle weakness

How is chronic lead poisoning usually presented?

Short-term memory loss and abdominal pain

What are the normal levels of lead in adults' blood?

Less than 20 micrograms/dL

What is the main cause of lead poisoning in children?


Which route of lead exposure is considered important for breastfed infants?


What is the main cause of lead poisoning in agricultural areas?

Soil contamination

In which part of the body is 95% of lead distributed?


What percentage of lead in adults is absorbed through oral intake?


Which category has the highest percentage of lead excretion in children?

~65% in urine

What might indicate chronic lead poisoning according to the text?

A blue line along the gum with bluish black edging to the teeth

This quiz covers the toxicology of lead, iron, arsenic, and cadmium, including their mechanisms of toxicity, pathophysiology, and treatment. References are made to Casarett and Doull's Toxicology: The Basic Science of Poison.

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