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What did Louis XVI find upon ascending the throne of France?

An empty treasure

Why did the French government have to spend an increasing amount of its budget on interest payments?

Due to lenders charging high interest rates on loans

Which palace was known for its extravagance during Louis XVI's reign?

Palace of Versailles

What was the main reason for France's increasing debt during Louis XVI's rule?

Maintaining an extravagant court at Versailles

Which estate in French society had to bear the burden of paying taxes in the eighteenth century?

Third Estate

What impact did France's involvement in assisting the American colonies have on its finances?

Increased the national debt by over a billion livres

What was the financial impact on France due to its assistance to the American colonies in gaining independence?

It added more than a billion livres to the existing debt.

Why did lenders who previously gave credit to the French state start charging 10 percent interest on loans?

To compensate for the financial losses incurred during the war.

What was the primary reason for France being forced to increase taxes during Louis XVI's reign?

Maintenance of an extravagant court at Versailles.

How did France's involvement in assisting American colonies affect the state's budget in terms of interest payments?

It required a significant portion of the budget just for interest payments.

What burden did only the members of the Third Estate have to bear in French society during the eighteenth century?

Paying the majority of taxes.

How did maintaining an army contribute to France's financial challenges under Louis XVI?

It required a substantial portion of the state's budget.

Test your knowledge on Louis XVI's ascension to the throne of France in 1774, financial challenges faced by France during his reign, and the country's involvement in aiding the American colonies during their war for independence.

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