Leadership Development: Understanding Your Style and Personality

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What is the main idea of the 'Begin with the End in Mind' section?

To imagine your life's outcome and create a personal mission statement

What is the purpose of the 'Control Influence Concern' section?

To categorize tasks into three sections

What is the difference between leadership and management according to the text?

None of the above is mentioned in the text

What is the purpose of the 'Before next session' section?

To assign activities to complete before the next session

What is the main idea of the 'FINAL THOUGHTS' section?

To leave the reader with inspirational quotes

What is the purpose of the 'I am committed to..' section?

To declare personal commitments

What is the primary difference between management and leadership?

Management deals with efficiency, while leadership deals with effectiveness

What is the key characteristic of a leader's personality?

Values/principles based

What is self-leadership focused on?


Which of the following is an example of a transactional interaction?

Delegating tasks to team members

What is the key difference between a leader's attitude and their character?

Attitudes are easily changeable, while character is not

What is the key difference between personality and character?

Personality is easily changeable, while character is not

What is the approach to personal leadership discussed in the text?

Inside-out approach

What is the main idea behind 'expanding the gap'?

Increasing self-awareness and reflection

What is the purpose of the activity 'Between Stimulus and Response'?

To identify things that trigger worry and anxiety

Who is quoted in the text discussing the power to choose one's response?

Viktor E. Frankl

What is the main theme of the text?

The distinction between personality and character in leadership

Discover your leadership style and how it affects your influence on others. This quiz explores self-awareness, personality traits, and values that shape your leadership abilities. Reflect on your strengths and weaknesses to become a more effective leader.

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