ITM102 Business Information Systems Week 1: Jan 16th Vess Stamenova, PhD Agenda

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What is the main focus of Vess Stamenova's PhD research?

Cognitive neuroscience

How many students are in the ITM102 class?


What is the topic of the chapter case mentioned in the introduction?

Smart stores reinventing the retail space

What is the website mentioned for the Centre for Digital Health Evaluation?

What type of systems are discussed in ITM102?

Business Information Systems

What is the main purpose of an information system?

To collect, process, store, and distribute information to support decision making and control

What is the term for data shaped into a meaningful and useful form within an information system?


What does an information system convert raw data or one form of information into?

More meaningful information

What do knowledge workers, data workers, and production or service workers collectively represent in the hierarchy of an organization?

Operational management

What has been the trend in the contribution of the information and communications technologies (ICT) sector to the Canadian GDP from 2007 to 2021?

Constant growth

Learn about business information systems and the course introduction in Week 1 of ITM102 with Vess Stamenova, PhD. Explore topics such as digital health evaluation, factors affecting tech adoption in healthcare, and program evaluation.

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