Instructional Design Models and Theories

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What is the primary focus of the problem-centred approach in instruction?

Engaging learners at the problem and task levels

According to Merrill's principles of instruction, what is the purpose of including demonstrations?

To activate existing knowledge

What is the primary goal of tapping into learners' existing knowledge and experiences in instructional design?

To make tasks more engaging and authentic

What is the relationship between the complexity of the problem and the scaffolding of learning in the problem-centred approach?

The complexity of the problem increases as scaffolding increases

What is the primary benefit of supporting integration into the real world in instructional design?

It increases the transfer of learning to real-world situations

What is the main purpose of an instructional design model?

To organize pedagogical scenarios

According to Driscoll and Carliner, what does the design process and product represent?

A framework of thinking

What is the role of the instructor in the problem-centred approach?

To provide guidance and support as needed

What is the Cone of Experience, according to Edgar Dale?

A visual analogy of the learning process

What is the focus of the 8M's of teaching?

Effective instruction

Which of the following is an example of direct experience, according to Edgar Dale's Cone of Experience?

Participating in a simulation

What is the main difference between direct experience and contrived experience, according to Edgar Dale's Cone of Experience?

Level of realism

What is the primary purpose of informing students of the objectives or outcomes for the course and individual lessons?

To help students understand what they are expected to learn and do

Which of the following is an example of helping students make sense of new information by relating it to something they already know?

Asking questions about previous learning experiences

What is the main focus of the instructional design principle of stimulation?

Providing novelty, uncertainty, and surprise to students

Which of the following is an example of active learning?

Participating in a group discussion on a course topic

What is the primary purpose of presenting multiple versions of the same content?

To accommodate different learning styles

Which of the following is an example of incorporating prior learning into current activities?

Relating new information to prior learning experiences

Learn about instructional design models and theories that guide the creation of effective learning experiences. Understand how to organize pedagogical scenarios to achieve instructional goals.

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