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Which of the following is NOT considered a major nutrient found in food?

Dietary fibers

What is the primary role of food in living organisms?

Serving as an energy source for basic life processes

How does food contribute to maintaining health in living organisms?

By providing essential vitamins and minerals

Why is the growth and development of organisms dependent on food?

To synthesize vital molecules for cell repair

Why are water and dietary fibers important components of our diet?

To assist in digestion and prevent constipation

Which component of food is responsible for serving as an energy source for respiration and movement?


Which of the following is a source of simple carbohydrates?

Banana and papaya

Why are carbohydrates considered energy-giving foods?

Because they give instant energy to the body.

How can one confirm the presence of sugar in a food sample?

By observing a green, red, or yellow color change.

What is the main difference between simple and complex carbohydrates?

Complex carbohydrates give instant energy.

Why do people who consume less carbohydrates in their diet feel weak?

Because carbohydrates provide quick energy needed for work.

What is the purpose of heating the food sample with Benedict's solution during the test for sugar?

To see a color change indicating sugar presence.

Explore the significance of food for living organisms in this quiz. Learn about how food acts as an energy source, supports basic life processes, and contributes to growth and development. Understand the essential nutrients required for cell repair and vital molecule synthesis.

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