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What is the goal-oriented and integrated process of planning for, recruiting, selecting, developing, and compensating employees?

Talent management

Which step comes first in the performance analysis process for underperforming current employees?

Verifying the performance deficiency

What does task analysis involve?

Studying the job to determine specific required skills

Which process involves compiling and summarizing a job's training needs using profiles and competency models?

Training Needs Analysis

What is the overall training program design phase in the rational training process (ADDIE) called?


What distinguishes today's onboarding programs from traditional orientation?

Emphasis on core company values and culture

What is the purpose of orientation/onboarding according to the text?

To help new employees understand the company's culture and values

In the training process, what should employers confirm about the applicant/employee?

Their claims of skill and experience

What must the aims of a firm's training programs make sense in terms of?

The company's strategic goals

What distinguishes training from orientation/onboarding?

Teaching new employees the basic skills they need to perform their jobs

Test your knowledge about the purpose and importance of orientation and onboarding for new employees. Explore the process of socialization, understanding the organization's strategy, mission, and vision, and expectations in work and behavior.

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