Emergency Medicine Pearls: Burn Injuries Management

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What is the recommended treatment for potential carbon monoxide (CO) exposure?

Provide 100% oxygen

Which type of burns are considered critical based on the percentage of body surface area (BSA) affected and patient age?

2nd and 3rd-degree burns affecting more than 20% BSA in patients over age 10

Why is applying ice or cooling not recommended for burns involving more than 10% of the body surface area?

To avoid hypothermia

In which scenario is transport to a trauma center not required for burn patients?

Non-critical burns with less than 5% BSA affected

Why are circumferential burns to extremities considered dangerous?

Due to potential vascular compromise from soft tissue swelling

When should nebulized epinephrine be considered for burn patients?

In cases of respiratory distress early in airway burns with specific symptoms like hoarse/muffled voice and stridor

What is the formula for calculating the amount of isotonic crystalloid to be infused over the first hour for a Total Body Surface Area (TBSA) of 30% in adults?

67 mL

For a patient weighing 105 kg with a TBSA of 40%, how many drops per minute (10 gtts) are required according to the Rule of 10s?

60 gtts

In adults, what is the appropriate first-hour volume of isotonic crystalloid for a TBSA of 80%?

183 mL

What is the estimated TBSA percentage for a patient weighing 95 kg (~209 lbs) according to the given formula?


Which TBSA percentage would require infusing 117 mL of isotonic crystalloid over the first hour in adults?


For a TBSA of 50% in adults, how many milliliters (mL) of isotonic crystalloid should be infused over the first hour?

117 mL

According to the Rule of 10s, how many milliliters per hour (mL/hr) should be given for a TBSA of 90% in adults?

200 mL/hr

Learn about important considerations in managing burn injuries in emergency medicine, including medication dosing, use of nebulized epinephrine, and evaluating critical burn areas based on the percentage of body surface area affected.

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