Inventory Management and Distribution

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What is a relevant characteristic of the heuristic approach to network design?

Can accommodate sensitivity analysis

What is NOT a requirement for the development of strategic logistics plan?

An understanding of the financial strategy

Why would a company purchase from a small business (SME)?

It is more cost-effective

What determines the manner in which personnel respond to ethical situations in the supply chain?

Cultural environment

What is a major locational determinant in supply chain management?

Proximity to customers

What is a potential benefit of shipping in terms of inventory?

Centralising inventories at the manufacturer

What cost reduction can be expected from a distribution network with distributor storage with carrier delivery?

Lower transport costs

What is a characteristic of a distribution network with manufacturer/distributor storage with customer pickup?

Easy returnability

What is true about online sales of physical products?

Response time is long

What are the three key aspects of customer experience in online sales?

Cost, access, convenience

Test your knowledge of inventory management and distribution strategies. This quiz covers the benefits of shipping and cost impacts of different distribution networks.

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