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Which aspect of the customer journey does Customer Journey Management aim to improve?

Customer satisfaction levels

What is the main goal of addressing customer frustrations with low-cost solutions in Customer Journey Management?

To increase customer loyalty and advocacy

How can Customer Journey Maps help organizations improve their understanding of customers?

By identifying customer pain points and perceptions

What is one benefit of extending CLTV through Customer Journey Management?

Reduced customer acquisition costs

Why is it important for a group to commit to a specific arrangement of the Customer Journey Map?

To ensure alignment and agreement on the output

What type of dishes does VeggieDeli offer?

Vegan and vegetarian delicacies

Where is VeggieDeli located?

Marbella, Costa del Sol, Spain

What type of atmosphere does VeggieDeli have during the day?

Pet-friendly and family-oriented

What do customers get free of charge at VeggieDeli?


What special offer does VeggieDeli have at night for couples?

Organic wines

What is one feature of the ingredients used at VeggieDeli?

Produced by local, organic farmers

Study Notes

Customer Journey Maps

  • Help organizations understand how customers feel and perceive value throughout an experience
  • Improve businesses by identifying and addressing frustrating touch-points with low-cost solutions

VeggieDeli Restaurant

  • Located in Marbella, Costa del Sol (Málaga) Spain
  • Established and successful within the Spanish local community
  • Struggles to attract English-speaking customers, both locals and tourists

Restaurant Features

  • Uses fresh, locally sourced, organic ingredients
  • Offers vegan and vegetarian options, including:
    • Moroccon Soups
    • Paleo Salads
    • High-protein Smoothies
    • Tomato Gazpacho Soup
    • Veggie Burgers
    • Chocolate Vegan Cake
  • Provides delivery and take-away services, free of charge
  • Has a pet-friendly atmosphere during the day and a romantic wine-and-dine ambiance at night
  • Offers free parking space and valet service

Business Goals

  • Increase awareness and generate buzz among English-speaking customers
  • Prepare for a post-pandemic scenario with increased activity

Learn about Customer Journey Maps and how they can help organizations enhance customer experience by identifying and addressing pain points. Discover how focusing on improving touch-points can lead to increased customer advocacy and lifetime value. Follow the steps in the provided PDF document for detailed instructions.

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