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What is the main focus of Owned Media?

Impacting audiences the brand holds through company websites and social media pages

What distinguishes Earned Media from Paid Media?

Earned Media is coverage or promotion received without payment, while Paid Media involves advertising in media

Which stage of the customer journey does 'Consideration (MOFU)' belong to?


What is the primary goal of the 'Conversion (BOFU)' stage in the customer journey?

Pushing the product towards conversion

Which type of media involves platforms where a media budget is spent?

Paid media

What does Nike's social media strategy involve?

Owned, paid, and earned media

What content is included in customer acquisition?

Sharing stories, solutions, benefits, and important facts

Which tactics are mentioned for lead generation?

Job applications and blog posts

What is the primary focus of Growth Hacking?

Achieving rapid growth through targeted audience engagement

How are SEM ads promoted on Google's platforms?

Search Networks, Display Networks, Gmail, apps, and YouTube videos

What determines the Quality Score in SEM?

Clickthrough rate, keyword relevance, landing page quality, ad text relevance, and historical AdWords account performance

Why is Omnichannel marketing considered crucial?

Customers interact with businesses through multiple channels and devices, necessitating a consistent and cohesive message across all channels

What does CTR measure in online advertising?

The number of clicks divided by the number of impressions

What is the main focus of SEO in online marketing?

Organic promotion through factors like on-page and off-page optimization

What is the purpose of using pixels and cookies in online advertising?

To track website visits and user behavior

What does SEM involve in terms of advertising on search engines?

Creating campaigns, bidding on keywords, creating ads, and paying for clicks

What type of content is typically focused on in the awareness stage?

Messages like 'Did you know' and 'how-to's,' aiming to solve a problem for the audience

What is a potential consequence of the saturation of display ads in the awareness stage?

Banner blindness

What is the primary goal of affiliate marketing in the awareness stage?

Earning a commission by promoting other companies' products to potential customers

Which channels are utilized for influencer ads and online ads in the awareness stage?

Social media and websites

Study Notes

Customer Journey Techniques in the Awareness Stage

  • Online ads in the awareness stage aim to reach the maximum target audience through various channels, including TV, radio, podcasts, editorials, social media, websites, blogs, and more.
  • The content in the awareness stage focuses on delivering messages such as "Did you know" and "how-to's," aiming to solve a problem for the audience.
  • Main techniques used in the awareness stage include advertising, PR, events, viral marketing, and influencer marketing.
  • Online advertising display ads are charged by month or impressions and are utilized to increase brand awareness and re-engage with previous website visitors.
  • Saturation of display ads can lead to banner blindness, but other forms of display methods include site placement advertising, native advertising, and retargeting advertising.
  • Channels for awareness include websites, social media, and AI tools like Jasper for copies and Dall-e for visuals.
  • Affiliate marketing involves earning a commission by promoting other companies' products on one's website or social media handle, with reviews being critical.
  • The evaluation stage of the customer journey involves affiliate marketing, where individuals or companies promote products to potential customers and earn commissions.
  • The affiliate system relies on the client or consumer making purchases to generate revenue to share with affiliates.
  • The network acts as an intermediary between the affiliate and the merchant, for example, Amazon Associates.
  • Awareness stage techniques may include email ads, gaming ads, and collaborations with editorials for paid partnerships.
  • Collaboration with editorials for paid partnerships is a part of the awareness stage, and different channels like social media and websites are utilized for influencer ads and online ads.

Explore the essential techniques and channels utilized in the awareness stage of the customer journey. Test your knowledge on online advertising, content strategies, influencer marketing, and affiliate marketing, and understand how to effectively engage with a wide audience and increase brand visibility.

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