CSS Color Syntax and Options Exercise

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What is the purpose of a style sheet in web design?

To specify how a logo is used and which fonts and colors can be used for the organization's branding.

Why is CSS kept outside of the HTML?

To apply the styles to all HTML pages.

Which CSS property is used to set the background color of an element?


Which CSS property is used to set the text color of an element?


What is the purpose of the CSS opacity property?

To set the transparency of an element.

How can you use a color picker tool to set the color in CSS?

By entering the hexadecimal color code.

What is the purpose of the cascade in CSS?

To apply styles from multiple CSS files in a specific order.

Which CSS property is used to set the height and width of an element?

height and width

What is the main purpose of separating HTML and CSS?

To make the code more maintainable.

Which CSS property is used to add background images to an element?


Practice modifying CSS templates by adding color values using color names, hexadecimal codes, and RGBA syntax with opacity. Test your knowledge on specifying colors in CSS stylesheets.

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