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What is the purpose of the CSS margin property?

To set the space around elements.

How is CSS padding different from CSS margin?

CSS padding defines the space between the element content and border, while margin defines the space around elements.

What does the text-align property in CSS control?

The horizontal alignment of text.

How can you change all padding properties at once in CSS?

By using the shorthand padding property.

What is the purpose of the padding-left property in CSS?

To set the left padding of an element.

How can you set the left margin of an element in CSS?

By using the margin-left property.

What does the margin-top property in CSS control?

It sets the top margin of an element.

How are the padding-top and padding-bottom properties different?

Padding-top sets the top padding while padding-bottom sets the bottom padding of an element.

In CSS, how can you change the right margin of an element?

By using the margin-right property.

What is the effect of background colors on CSS padding?

CSS padding is affected by background colors.

Test your knowledge on specifying HTML colors with predefined names, RGB, HEX, HSL values, as well as setting borders with CSS properties like border-style, border-color, and border-width.

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