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What is the main purpose of the reading approach described in the text?

To improve students' knowledge and generate new ideas

Which skill is NOT emphasized as important in the reading approach?


What is the primary purpose of skimming a text?

To find specific information like dates, names, and places

What is the main focus of scanning a text?

To search for keywords or ideas within the text

Which technique is useful for finding dates, names, and places in a text?


What are students demanded to do in order to improve their English skills according to the reading approach?

Read more to improve their knowledge and get new ideas

What is the primary approach to language learning described in the passage?

Extensive reading

What is the term used for the free reading of books and other written material that is not too difficult for readers?

Free Voluntary Reading

What is the main characteristic of graphic fiction or graphic novels according to the passage?

Encouragement of interactivity in the reader's mind

Which characteristic is emphasized in flash fiction according to the passage?


What is the primary purpose of the autographic forms in graphic novels?

To create a sense of intimacy

Which genre is NOT mentioned as an example of graphic novels in the passage?

"Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" by J.K. Rowling (2000)

What does flash fiction emphasize in terms of plot development?

Surprising ending

What does extensive reading enable readers to infer, according to the passage?

The word's meaning in a specific context

In what form are images and dialogues presented in graphic fiction or graphic novels?

"Sequential image panels with speech bubbles"

What is another term used for flash fiction according to the passage?

Micro stories

Test your understanding of close analysis and critical interpretation of literary texts. Explore the application of a reading approach to solve reading problems, develop inferencing skills, and gain cultural understanding. Learn how to apply this approach to enhance knowledge and generate new ideas.

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