Close Analysis and Critical Interpretation of Literary Texts: Reading Approach 1 Quiz

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What is the main goal of skimming a text?

To identify the main idea of the text quickly

Which skills are developed in the reading approach mentioned in the text?

Inferencing, guessing, and predicting

Why do people often skim a text?

To find specific information quickly

What is one of the ways people might skim a text, according to the passage?

By reading the first sentence of each paragraph

What does the reading approach expect students to improve?

English skills

What is scanning in the context of reading?

A technique for quick reading to get the summary of a text

What is the purpose of scanning?

To find specific words or phrases quickly

What is extensive reading also known as?

Free Voluntary Reading

What does extensive reading help readers to do with unfamiliar words?

Infer the word’s meaning and learn unknown words

When should a student go back and skim the document after scanning it?

After scanning it

Which point of view uses the pronouns 'I', 'me', and 'mine'?

First person

In which type of narration is the story told from an authorial point of view outside the story?

Third person

Which type of narration can jump in and out of any character’s inner dialogue?

Third person omniscient

Atypical of fictional narratives, second person is often used in which of the following?


Which type of point of view is narrated as if the reader is a character?

Second person

What is the primary purpose of using third person omniscient point of view in classic literature and fairy tales?

To lend authority to the tales and share many aspects of the characters' history

In third person cinematic point of view, how are characters' inner thoughts described?

Described solely in objective fact

Which type of conflict involves a protagonist at odds with a ruling body or social/cultural norms?

Man vs. Society

When does Man vs. Man conflict usually play out?

Between a protagonist and antagonist

What is the primary role of conflicts in literature?

To provide deeper meaning to the story

Test your knowledge of reading approaches and their application in close analysis and critical interpretation of literary texts. Explore the skills developed through reading and understand the importance of cultural understanding in literary analysis.

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