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What is the main story told by the middle-aged woman?

About her breaking into a boy's home during high school

What was Yŏngsŏn's major in art school?


What was Chŏngsu's job?

Set designer for a movie producer

What was Yŏngsŏn's opinion about her husband's talents?

She thought his talents were going to waste

What was the bus driver's rule in the story about Etgar Keret?

He would never open the door for people who were late

What is the significance of the name 'Hazaran' in Martin's story?

It is the name of the story, the fairy tale, and the country of birds

What is the occupation of the main character in 'The Red Fox Fur Coat'?

Bank clerk

Why does the pet shop owner not have moles in 'Blood'?

It is not specified in the story

What is the alleged cure for the son's illness in 'Blood'?

The blood of a mole

Why does the pet shop owner give their blood to the old lady in 'Blood'?

They feel bad for the woman and want to help

What is the outcome of the old lady's son after receiving the supposed mole blood in 'Blood'?

He is cured and can walk again

What is a common feature of the setting in structure texts?

A futuristic, otherworldly setting

What is the primary medium used to convey the narrative in graphic novels?

Comic form

What is the typical proportion of illustrations to text in an illustrated novel?

50% illustrations, 50% text

What historical event influenced the development of science fiction?

The Industrial Revolution

What is the name of the popular comic strip that was commonly read during free time in both American and European cultures?

Archie Comics

What is the main goal of skimming when reading a text?

To extract detailed information quickly

What is the primary purpose of scanning when reading a text?

To find specific information in a text

What is a characteristic of 21st-century literature?

It is often characterized as gender-sensitive and technologically alluding

What is the name of the Japanese writer mentioned in the text?

Haruki Murakami

What is the plot of the story 'Scheherazade' about?

A man who is unable to leave his house and is visited by a woman

What is the purpose of extensive reading in language learning?

To learn unknown words and infer their meaning

What is the main theme of the passage from Francisco Xavier Alarcon?

Finding hope and reassurance in times of loss

What is the occasion of the visit in the short story by J.M. Coetzee?

A son's visit from the United States

What is the main concern of the protagonist in the short story by J.M. Coetzee?

Whether her children are planning to take care of her

What is the setting of the science fiction novel by Henrietta Rose-Innes?

A post-apocalyptic Cape Town

What is the occupation of Francisco Xavier Alarcon?

Poet and educator

What is the award won by J.M. Coetzee?

Nobel Prize in Literature

Review reading approaches in 21st literature, including skimming and scanning, useful for extracting specific information at a faster pace. Learn to identify main ideas, dates, names, and places in texts.

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