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What is the typical capacity range of a CD drive?

650 MB to 1 Gigabyte

Why is the rotational speed of a CD drive important?

To determine how fast data can be transferred from the disk

Which type of CD cannot be written to or erased?


What is the capacity range of a DVD-RW?

2.6 to 5 GB storage

What does CD-R stand for?

Compact Disk-Recordable

Why is a DVD-ROM ideal for providing high-quality, movie-length videos?

Because it provides seven times the storage of a regular CD

Which type of device is immune to changes in temperature?

Solid-state disks

What addressing mode requires two references to memory to fetch the operand?

Indirect Addressing Mode

Which type of device is most suitable for mobile devices?

Solid-state disks

What is the main advantage of solid-state devices over hard drives?

Reduced power consumption

Which type of addressing mode only requires one reference to memory to fetch the data?

Immediate Addressing Mode

What is the main disadvantage of hard drives compared to solid-state disks?

More sensitive to physical damage

Which type of solid-state device is found in cameras and USB drives?

Flash memory

What type of addressing mode is used to specify the location of the data in an instruction?

Immediate Addressing Mode

Which component of most computers is typically the slowest?

Hard drives

What is the main advantage of using solid-state devices over hard drives for storing large amounts of data?

Faster data transfer speed

Test your knowledge about CD drives and their data transfer speeds with this quiz. Learn about the capacity of data storage on CDs, the importance of rotational speed, and the continuous stream writing of data.

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