Bone Histology: Dr. Büşra Şen Halıcıoğlu

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What type of lamellae are found in compact bone?

Concentric lamellae

In what type of bone is the collagen fiber arrangement nonlamellar?

Immature bone

What is another name for nonlamellar bone?

Bundle bone

Which type of bone tissue has more ground substance in its matrix?

Immature bone

What is the structure of mature spongy bone primarily composed of?


Where are numerous interconnecting marrow spaces found in bones?

Mature spongy bone

Which type of cell arrangement is typical in mature bone tissue?

Aligned arrangement

What is the other name for Osteonal canal?

Haversian canal

Which type of bone shows an organized lamellated appearance?

Mature compact bone

What differentiates woven bone from mature bone?

Collagen fiber arrangement

Learn about bone histology which is a specialized form of connective tissue with cells and extracellular matrix. Discover how bone differs from other connective tissues through the mineralization of its matrix. Explore its role in supporting soft structures, protecting organs, and providing storage and controlled release of minerals.

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