Bohr's Model of the Atom and Problems with the Rutherford Model

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What is the Bohr model of the atom based on?

Quantum theory

In the Bohr model of the atom, where can electrons move?

Specific orbits around the nucleus

What happens when an electron gains more energy in the Bohr model?

It could move farther from the nucleus

What analogy is used to describe the movement of electrons in the Bohr model?

Ball-staircase analogy

What is the term used for the movement of an electron from one energy level to another?


What is the main problem with the Rutherford model of the atom?

According to the Rutherford model, an orbiting electron should continuously emit electromagnetic radiation and lose energy, causing it to collapse towards the nucleus.

What technique is used for analyzing spectra to determine properties of their source?

Spectroscopy is the technique used for analyzing spectra.

What happens when hydrogen gas is exposed to a spark in terms of atomic structure?

Hydrogen gas exposed to a spark causes H atoms to absorb energy, electrons to get excited, and excited H atoms to release energy in the form of light of various wavelengths.

What is an emission spectrum, and how does it relate to atomic structure?

An emission spectrum is the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation emitted by an atom. It relates to atomic structure by revealing the discrete energy levels at which electrons can exist.

What is the significance of hydrogen's line spectrum in understanding atomic structure?

Hydrogen's line spectrum shows that the electron of a hydrogen atom can only exist at discrete energy levels.

How does spectroscopy aid in the discovery of new elements?

By analyzing the unique line spectra of elements, spectroscopy allows for the identification of new elements based on their characteristic wavelengths.

Learn about Bohr's model of the atom and the limitations of the Rutherford model with respect to the emission of electromagnetic radiation. Discover the need for a new atomic model and explore the technique of spectroscopy for analyzing spectra.

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