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Which model of the atom did the Bohr model ultimately replace?

Nagaoka's Saturnian model

What force provides attraction in the Bohr model of the atom?

Electrostatic force

Which model of the atom was proposed by Arthur Haas?

Haas's quantum model

What is the main improvement of the Bohr model over the Rutherford model?

Introduction of quantum mechanics

Which model of the atom is analogous to the structure of the Solar System?

The Bohr model

Which model of the atom did the Rutherford model overturn in 1911?

Plum pudding model

What did the Rutherford model propose about the atom's nucleus?

It was positively charged

What experiment did Rutherford use to demonstrate the existence of the atomic nucleus?

Gold foil experiment

What did Rutherford's gold foil experiment reveal about the atom?

The atom has a tiny and heavy nucleus

What did Rutherford's new model for the atom propose about the central volume?

It contained most of the atom's mass

According to the Geiger-Marsden experiments, every atom has a nucleus where all of its positive charge and most of its mass is concentrated.


Who conducted the Geiger-Marsden experiments?

Hans Geiger

Which prevailing theory of atomic structure did the Geiger-Marsden experiments overturn?

Plum pudding model

What did J. J. Thomson's plum pudding model propose about the atom?

Electrons are distributed throughout a sphere of positive charge.

When were the Geiger-Marsden experiments performed?


Test your knowledge of atomic physics and the Bohr model with this quiz! Challenge yourself to answer questions about the structure of atoms, electron energies, and the contributions of Niels Bohr and Ernest Rutherford.

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