Atomic Structure and Periodic Table Quiz

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Which subatomic particle has a positive charge?


Which model of the atom places electrons in specific energy levels or shells?

Bohr’s model

Which category of elements tends to be malleable, ductile, and have high thermal and electrical conductivity?

Transition metal

What type of radiation consists of high-energy photons and does not have any mass or charge?


Which of the following subatomic particles is located in the nucleus of an atom?


What type of elements are known for their high reactivity and tendency to corrode?


Which type of radiation consists of high-speed electrons and carries a negative charge?

Beta particle

Which category of elements tends to have properties intermediate between metals and nonmetals, such as semiconductivity?


Test your knowledge of atomic structure and the periodic table with this quiz covering concepts such as subatomic particles, atomic models, chemical properties, and periodic trends.

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