Vertebrae Classification: Sesamoid & Sutural Bones

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What is the function of sesamoid bones?

Develop in tendons to protect from wear

Where do osteoprogenitor cells originate from?

Stem cells from mesenchymal cells

What do osteoblasts secrete?

Bone matrix (osteoid)

What is the main function of osteocytes?

Maintain bone metabolism

Where are osteoclasts primarily located?

In periosteum, endosteum & canals

Which process involves the replacement of hyaline cartilage by calcified bone?

Endochondral ossification

What is the function of the bone collar that forms around the diaphysis during bone development?

Contributes to the formation of compact bone

Which type of ossification involves the direct formation of bone from mesenchyme without a cartilage intermediate?

Intramembranous ossification

What structure forms around the network of blood vessels during osteogenesis?

Spongy bone

Which stage of endochondral ossification involves chondrocytes calcifying the matrix and forming a cavity?

Calcifying Center

What is the primary difference between intramembranous and endochondral ossification processes?

Endochondral ossification includes a cartilage intermediate, intramembranous does not.

What is the main function of the skeletal system related to movement?

Assisting with skeletal muscles

Which bone classification is primarily responsible for mineral homeostasis?

Long bones

What is the significant feature of short bones in terms of shape?

Having primarily a middle layer of spongy bone

Which type of bone provides surfaces for muscle attachment and is found in the cranial bones and sternum?

Flat bones

What distinguishes irregular bones in terms of classification?

Varying ratio of spongy to compact bone

How do flat bones contribute to the overall function of the skeletal system?

Offer protection and muscle attachment surfaces

This quiz covers the classification of bones by shape, focusing on sesamoid and sutural bones. It includes information on the development of sesamoid bones in tendons, their function in providing protection, and the characteristics of sutural bones. Additionally, the quiz touches on bone tissue histology, discussing osteoprogenitor cells and osteoblasts.

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