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Shomrim Y7 Iyun

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What is a Beit Din?

Jewish court

Why would the owner of the object take the shomer to court?

he doesn't believe his claim that it was stolen.

What are the 2 options the court gives the shomer?

swear or pay

what are the 2 types of thieves called in Hebrew?

ganav and gazlan

what is the hebrew for 'double'?


which type of thief has to pay kefel when convicted of his crime?


Why is that type of thief considered worse in Jewish law to pay kefel ?

Ganav. he is more scared of people than G-d.

What has to be done to the stolen sheep or ox to incur the extra payment?

slaughtered or sold.

how much is the extra payment for a stolen sheep that the thief had done the next step?

4 times

how much is the extra payment for a stolen ox if the extra step was taken?

5 times

what is the point of the extra payments?

a fine. to stop them stealing in the future.

Study Notes

What is a Beit Din?

  • A Beit Din is a Jewish court of law.

Shomer and the Court

  • The owner of an object takes the shomer (watchman or guardian) to court if the object is lost or stolen while in the shomer's care.
  • The court gives the shomer two options: to swear that they were not negligent or to pay for the object.

Types of Thieves

  • There are two types of thieves in Hebrew: Ganav (a thief who steals secretly) and Gazlan (a thief who steals openly).
  • A Gazlan (open thief) is considered worse in Jewish law and must pay Kefel (double the value of the stolen item).

Kefel and Stolen Animals

  • If a Gazlan steals an animal (e.g., a sheep or ox) and then slaughters or sells it, they incur the extra payment of Kefel.
  • The extra payment for a stolen sheep is four times its value (Kefel).
  • The extra payment for a stolen ox is five times its value (Kefel).

Purpose of Kefel

  • The purpose of Kefel is to serve as a deterrent and to punish the thief for their actions.

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