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what does shomer mean?


how many types of shomer are there?


what is a shomer chinam responsible for?

if he was negligent.

what added responsibility does a paid guardian have?

lost and theft

what does socher mean?

a renter

what added responsibility does a shoel have?


when is responsibility waived for a shoel?

if it was damaged as a result of normal use.

when does a shomer have to make an oath?

if he claims that something happened to the object for which he's not responsible for.

what's the point of the oath?

to ascertain he's telling the truth.

Study Notes

Shomer: Definition and Types

  • Shomer means "watchman" or "guardian" in Hebrew
  • There are four types of Shomrim:
    • Shomer Chinam (unpaid guardian)
    • Shomer Sachar (paid guardian)
    • Shoel (borrower)
    • Socher (renter)

Responsibilities of Shomrim

  • A Shomer Chinam is responsible for taking care of something that was given to them for safekeeping, and they are not paid for their services
  • A paid guardian (Shomer Sachar) has the added responsibility of taking an oath when there is a dispute over the item
  • A Shoel (borrower) has the added responsibility of returning the item in the same condition it was in when they borrowed it
  • A Socher (renter) is responsible for paying for the use of the item they rented

Oath and Waived Responsibility

  • A Shomer has to make an oath when there is a dispute over the item and they claim it was lost or stolen
  • The point of the oath is to attest to the Shomer's honesty and innocence
  • The responsibility of a Shoel is waived if the item is damaged or lost due to circumstances beyond their control

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