Understanding the Status of Viruses: Living or Non-living

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Viruses can only have which of the following genetic materials at any given time?

DNA or RNA, but not both simultaneously

What is a characteristic that viruses share with living organisms?

Ability to mutate

How do viroids differ from viruses?

Viroids are composed of only RNA molecules and lack a protein coat

What makes the classification of viruses as living or non-living organisms unclear?

Their possession of genetic material and ability to mutate

What makes prions different from viruses and viroids?

Prions are solely composed of proteins and do not have genetic material

What characteristic of viruses makes them non-living?

They require a host to replicate

Which characteristic of viruses is commonly associated with non-living things?

Forming crystals

What sets viruses apart from living organisms in terms of replication?

They require a host to provide necessary components for replication

Why are viruses considered non-living?

They are acellular and lack cell components

What is a distinguishing characteristic of non-living entities exhibited by viruses?

Ability to form crystals

Explore the classification of viruses as living or non-living organisms, and their role as infectious agents causing diseases. Learn about the size comparison of viruses with other microorganisms.

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