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UK Constitution: Development, Nature, and Sources

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What is the purpose of a constitution?

To prevent the government from becoming over-powerful

Which type of constitution has its laws 'entrenched' and given higher status than other laws?

Codified constitution

What is the key difference between a unitary constitution and a federal constitution?

Unitary constitution has power shared between institutions, while federal is concentrated in a single body

Which constitutional type requires special procedures to amend it?


When was the Magna Carta signed?


In which type of constitution do laws relating to the constitution have the same status as any other laws?


'Entrenched' constitutional laws are present in which type of constitution?


Which country's constitution is relatively easier to amend or change?


'The Great Charter' refers to which key historic document?

'Magna Carta'

What is the main difference between codified and uncodified constitutions?

Codified constitutions have all laws written down in one document, uncodified do not.

What was the primary purpose of the Magna Carta?

To limit the king's power and protect the rights of barons and people

Which of the following is NOT a key principle established by the Bill of Rights of 1689?

Establishing a Catholic monarch

What was the primary purpose of the Act of Settlement, 1701?

To prevent a Catholic from taking the throne

Which of the following statements about the Parliament Acts of 1911 and 1949 is NOT true?

The Acts allowed the House of Lords to amend Money Bills

What was the primary effect of the European Communities Act, 1972?

It joined Britain to the European Community (now the European Union)

Which of the following statements about the UK constitution is NOT true?

There has been a wide-scale upheaval of the system, similar to the French Revolution

Which of the following Acts united Scotland to England and Wales, creating the United Kingdom of Great Britain?

The Acts of Union, 1707

What was the main consequence of the Parliament Act 1911 regarding the House of Lords?

It removed the House of Lords' power to veto Bills

Which of the following statements about the Parliament Acts is true?

They defined the powers of the Lords in relation to Public Bills

What is NOT true about the UK constitution, according to the text?

It has undergone a sudden and complete overhaul of the system

Explore the development, nature, and sources of the UK constitution. Learn about codified and uncodified constitutions, as well as the purpose of a constitution in preventing a government from becoming too powerful.

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