Typhoon Warning Signals and Weather Patterns

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What is the minimum sea temperature required for a typhoon to develop?

26 degrees centigrade

What is the term used for a typhoon in the Atlantic Ocean?


What is the maximum distance from the center of a large hurricane where tropical storm-force winds can extend?

480 km

What is the direction of rotation of a typhoon?


What type of clouds are formed due to the rising warm air in a typhoon?

Cumulonimbus clouds

What is the basis for the delineation of areas for a given signal number?

Intensity, size of circulation, and forecast direction and speed of movement of the tropical storm or typhoon

What is the expected wind speed for a Public Storm Warning Signal #1?

30-60 kph

What is the latitude range where typhoons typically form?

5 to 30 degrees

What is the possible effect of a tropical cyclone on houses of very light materials in exposed communities?

Some houses may be partially unroofed

What is the lead time for the Public Storm Warning Signal #1?

At least 36 hours

What is the possible change in the Public Storm Warning Signal when the typhoon is moving away from the country?

The signal will always be downgraded

What is the possible effect of a rapid improvement of the weather condition on the Public Storm Warning Signal?

The signal may jump one level down

What is the direction of the strongest winds as the eye of the typhoon approaches?


What is indicated by a Public Storm Warning Signal #5?

Winds of more than 220 kph may be expected in at least 12 hours

What is the expected wave height in an Open Sea during a super typhoon?

More than 14.0 meters

What is the expected damage to structures of light in highly exposed coastal areas during a super typhoon?

Almost total damage

What is the expected effect on banana plantations during a super typhoon?

Total damage

What happens to the weather after the eye of the typhoon passes over the locality?

There is a sudden improvement of the weather with light wind

Study Notes

Public Storm Warning Signals

  • PSWS #1 may be upgraded or downgraded to other signals depending on the typhoon's intensity and movement
  • Signal levels can jump one level if the weather condition rapidly improves due to the typhoon's weakening or acceleration
  • PSWS #1: winds of 30-60 kph expected in at least 36 hours; wave height: 1.25-4.0 meters; slight damage to some houses of very light materials
  • PSWS #5: winds of more than 220 kph expected in at least 12 hours; super typhoon may affect the locality; wave height: more than 14.0 meters; widespread damage to high-risk structures

Characteristics of Typhoons

  • A typhoon is a large, powerful, and violent tropical cyclone
  • Forms over warm water in the Western Pacific Ocean; rotating counterclockwise and containing rising warm air
  • Can inflict terrible damage due to thunderstorms, violent winds, torrential rains, floods, landslides, and storm surges
  • Hurricane force winds can reach out as little as 40 km from the center of a small hurricane and as far as 240 km in large hurricanes
  • Tropical storm-force winds can extend as far as 480 km from the center of a large hurricane

Formation of Typhoons

  • Stages of formation:
    • Warm sea temperature above 26°C causes warm, rising humid air
    • Cooler high-altitude temperature forms cumulonimbus clouds
    • Rising warm air causes surrounding air to move toward the central low-pressure area
    • Cumulonimbus clouds form into long spiraling cloud bands
    • Coriolis effect causes incoming winds to swirl around the central area of low pressure

Understand the changes in weather patterns as a typhoon approaches, including the sudden improvement of weather during the eye of the typhoon and the shift in wind direction. Learn about the signs to expect with Public Storm Warning Signal #5.

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