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Which type of computer network covers the smallest area?


What is a common use of a Computer Network in an office environment?

Sharing resources like printers and programs

In terms of power, how does a computer in a network typically compare to a server?

Less powerful than the server

Which type of communication mode is used when computers take turns to transmit data over the network?


What is a key benefit of a Computer Network in an office environment?

Software sharing

Which network topology involves each device being connected point-to-point with every other device in the network?

Mesh topology

What is a key characteristic of a Wireless LAN based on the text?

Capable of reaching areas not accessible by LAN

What is a disadvantage of a Peer-to-Peer network according to the text?

Heavy network usage can slow down network speed

What distinguishes a Wireless LAN from a WAN based on the text?

Covers an area of a city

What type of network is suitable for small businesses and home users according to the text?

Peer-to-Peer network

How is a Peer-to-Peer network different from a Wireless LAN based on the text?

Each computer can share hardware and data with any other computer

What is a common feature of Wireless LANs and WANs according to the text?

Limited range of data transmission

Test your knowledge on different types of computer networks, network architecture, data communication channels, communication devices, and network topologies. Learn about data transmission modes, network protocols, and connecting multiple computers to share resources like printers, hard disks, and programs.

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