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Types of Blood Vessels in the Human Circulatory System

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Which blood vessels carry blood away from the heart?


What allows arteries to withstand the pressure of blood without rupturing?

Smooth muscle and elastic fibers

Which blood vessel is the largest in the human body?


What happens to arterial pressure after a contraction of the heart?


Which type of blood vessel is responsible for transporting blood to all areas of the body?


What is the function of arteries in the circulatory system?

To carry blood away from the heart

How do veins differ structurally from arteries?

Veins have valves to prevent backward blood flow

Which blood vessels primarily rely on skeletal muscle contractions to push blood towards the heart?


Where in the circulatory system can gases, nutrients, and waste products be exchanged between blood and tissues?


What unique characteristic do capillaries possess compared to other blood vessels?

Very thin walls for easy exchange of compounds

Explore the different types of blood vessels in the human circulatory system, including arteries, arterioles, capillaries, venules, and veins. Learn about their unique structures and roles in transporting blood throughout the body.

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