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What does tissue processing refer to?

Impregnating tissue into a solid medium for cutting on a microtome

What is the advantage of fixed impregnated tissues?

Easier storage and reproducibility of sections

Why is proper labeling of tissues important?

To avoid duplication of names and wrong patient diagnosis

What is the purpose of the numbering system for each specimen in most laboratories?

To provide a specific individual number for each specimen

Why should labeling not be done using ordinary ink?

It gets dissolved in the reagent used during processing

Study Notes

Tissue Processing

  • Tissue processing refers to the preparation of tissue samples for examination, involving a series of steps to preserve and maintain the tissue's structure and integrity.

Advantages of Fixed Impregnated Tissues

  • Fixed impregnated tissues offer the advantage of enhanced visibility and contrast, allowing for better analysis and identification of cellular structures and features.

Importance of Proper Labeling

  • Proper labeling of tissues is crucial to ensure accurate identification and tracking of samples, avoiding mix-ups and incorrect diagnoses.
  • Labels should include essential information, such as the patient's name, specimen type, and date.

Numbering System for Specimens

  • The numbering system for each specimen in most laboratories serves to uniquely identify and distinguish individual samples, facilitating efficient storage, retrieval, and tracking.

Labeling with Ordinary Ink

  • Labeling should not be done using ordinary ink, as it can fade or run over time, compromising the accuracy and reliability of the labeling process.

Test your knowledge on tissue processing in the field of histopathology with this quiz. Explore the techniques used to render tissue firm yet elastic for cutting sections on a microtome.

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