Thyroid Hormones Functions and Disorders

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What is the process called when there is a decrease in the rate of receptor synthesis in target cells, leading to a decrease in the total number of receptor molecules in a cell?


Which type of hormones circulate as free hormones?

Protein hormones

In which phenomenon does a tissue's exposure to one hormone increase its sensitivity to a second hormone?


Which gland is responsible for regulating various other endocrine glands through hormone secretion?

Pituitary gland

What is the main function of the hypothalamus in relation to the pituitary gland?

Regulate pituitary hormone secretion

Which endocrine organ is mainly responsible for thyroid hormone synthesis?

Thyroid gland

What can cause hormonal imbalances resulting in clinical conditions?

Overproduction of hormones

'Endocytosis' refers to which process in relation to hormone receptors?

'Eating up' of receptors from the membrane

'Desensitization' of receptors mainly leads to what outcome?

'Destruction' of receptor molecules over time

'Up-Regulation' is mainly characterized by an increase in what?

'Rate of receptor synthesis' in target cells

Test your knowledge on the functions and disorders related to thyroid hormones. Learn about the clinical correlates of hypersecretion and hyposecretion, as well as the effects of T3 and T4 hormones on metabolism and body functions.

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