Theoretical Approaches in Abnormal Psychology

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What are the 4 D's of Psychological Disorder?

The 4 D's are dysfunction, distress, deviance, and danger.

What does the term 'genotypes' refer to?

Genotypes refer to the unique genetic makeup of an individual.

What is the difference between phenotypes and endophenotypes?

Phenotypes refer to observable characteristics, while endophenotypes are genetic mechanisms that underlie the phenotypes.

What is the one-dimensional approach in explaining the etiology of psychological disorders?

The one-dimensional approach looks for a single cause of psychological disorders.

What is the scientific study of mental disorders called?


What is the branch of psychology that studies unusual patterns of behavior, emotions, and thoughts which may indicate an underlying psychological condition?

Abnormal Psychology

What is the process of determining whether a particular problem afflicting the individual meets all criteria for a psychological disorder?


What is the statistical analysis of family, twin, and adoption studies to understand if a disorder can be inherited and how much is attributable to genetics?

Basic Genetic Epidemiology

What type of studies are usually conducted on identical twins to understand the influence of genetics on a disorder?

Twin Studies

What is the biological analysis of individual DNA samples and biological processes to understand the genes that influence behavior?

Molecular Genetics

Test your knowledge on the theoretical approaches used to explain the etiology of recognizing normal and abnormal manifestations of psychological disorders. Source materials include Barlow, Durand & Hofmann (2018), Comer & Comer (2017), DSM-V, DSM-V-TR, and Psych Pearls Normalcy and Abnormalcy.

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