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China's population had grown to about ______ million people


Each Chinese woman had an average of about ______ children in her lifetime


Sons are traditionally favored in China because they provide support for their ______ as they age


Some couples will take measures to make sure they have one ______


Soils were ______


Study Notes

Human Population Growth in China

  • 60 years ago, China had a population of approximately 540 million people, with a mostly rural and war-torn country.
  • Under Mao Zedong's leadership, China underwent significant changes, leading to improved access to food and public health, resulting in a population growth to around 790 million people by 1970.
  • In 1970, the average Chinese woman had approximately 5.9 children in her lifetime.
  • Sons are traditionally favored in China due to their role in supporting their parents in old age, leading some couples to take measures to ensure they have at least one son.
  • The rapid population growth in China led to environmental concerns, including soil erosion, depletion of forests and water supplies, and air pollution.

Test your knowledge on the trends and predictions of human population growth in this quiz. Explore topics such as the impact of China's One-Child Policy and the relationship between people and their environments.

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