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According to rational choice theory, when will crime occur?

When the benefits are high and the costs are low

What is the emotional component of the psychological dimension?

Subjective feelings

What is the most common emotion associated with violent crimes?


What is the difference between subjective and biological dimensions of emotions?

Subjective refers to feelings, while biological refers to bodily reactions

According to the rational choice approach, what is the foundation of crime?

Crime is chosen for its benefits

What is the emphasis of the rational choice approach?

The individual processes leading to the decision to commit a crime

What are some advantages of committing theft according to the rational choice approach?

Financial gain

What is the cost-benefit analysis that criminals do according to the rational choice approach?

Assessing the risks of the venture compared with the expected profits

What is the volitional component of the psychological dimension?

Purposeful behavior and free will

What are some major characteristics of psychopaths?

A short temper and emotional immaturity

What are some major contributing factors in violence?

Humiliating encounters and threats to reputation and status

What is the alternative response to withdrawal or learned helplessness?

Attack or lashing out

Which of the following is a family environmental factor that may contribute to delinquent behavior?

Low economic status

What is the most significant influence on a child's perception of themselves?


According to Walsh (2015), what kind of parenting can mute negative traits that children may bring with them to the socialization process?

Patient, nurturing, and loving parenting

What does Burke (2014) suggest can shield children against involvement in criminality and antisocial behavior?

Instilling appropriate moral values

What is intention defined as?

Knowing what one wants to do or achieve and willing that act or result

What are the three forms of intention mentioned in the text?

Direct intention, indirect intention, and foreseeing consequences

What are the two extreme poles of the continuum regarding free will mentioned in the text?

Classical School and hard determinism

What is hard determinism according to the text?

A person's behavior is completely determined by factors outside the conscious person and that choice is irrelevant

According to research, what is a common characteristic of families with delinquent children?

High levels of parental conflict

What is the relationship between parental discord and children's behavior?

Parental discord is antecedent to delinquent behavior in children

What is the effect of disruptive and quarrelsome relationships between parents?

They disrupt the entire family

What is the role of parenting skills in delinquent behavior?

Parenting skills are directly related to delinquent behavior

Do parents need to be separated for parental conflict to affect children's behavior?

No, parents do not need to be separated

What are some examples of parental conflict mentioned in the text?

Excessive arguments and blame

What is soft determinism?

The belief that humans have limited free will influenced by genetic and environmental factors

What is non-pathological criminal incapacity according to the text?

A condition caused by provocation or intoxication

What is the purpose of the section on the social dimension in the text?

To give a broad outline of the individual's interaction with the immediate environment

What is the difference between awareness of unlawfulness and capacity?

Awareness of unlawfulness deals with the person's knowledge of unlawfulness, while capacity refers to their ability to appreciate the wrongfulness of their conduct

Explore the complex interaction between individuals and their environment in this quiz. Learn about the influence of various factors, such as family, school, peers, and community, on human behavior. Test your knowledge on how environmental factors can contribute to criminal behavior.

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