The Consequences of Accepting the Spies' Report Year 9

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What was the punishment of the Bnei Yisrael for accepting the spies' report?

The punishment was that they would spend 40 years wandering in the desert, and none of that generation would enter the land of Israel except Yehoshua and Calev.

What other consequence was there from accepting the spies' negative report?

That day became a day of sadness for all time, with disasters striking the Jewish people on this date throughout the ages.

What events took place on the Ninth of Av?

The destruction of both the first temple (in 586 BCE) and the second temple (in 70 CE) in Jerusalem, the crushing of Bar Kokhba’s revolt, the destruction of the city of Betar, and the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1492.

Why did the Jews cry on the Ninth of Av according to Hashem's decree?

Hashem decreed that the Jews cried on this day for no good reason, and thus they will cry on this day in the future for some good reasons.

What was the difference in approach between the 10 spies and Yehoshua and Calev?

The spies expressed a negative approach by saying they cannot win against the Canaanites and therefore should not even try, while Yehoshua and Calev had a more positive approach.

What is a positive mindset and how does it connect to the spies?

A positive mind-set is one’s ability to maintain the belief that you can transform or change a tough situation into something better. This was Calev's and Yehoshua's approach and that's why they disagreed with the other spies. Whereas the other spies had a negative mindset which meant that they only saw the problems without seeing any solutions.

How do people with a positive mindset view failure?

They see this as a way to grow and improve and a motivation to succeed the next time.

Study Notes

Consequences of Accepting the Spies' Report

  • The Bnei Yisrael were punished with 38 years of wandering in the desert for accepting the spies' negative report.
  • An additional consequence was that the generation of people who left Egypt would not enter the Land of Israel, except for Yehoshua and Calev.

The Ninth of Av

  • The Ninth of Av marks a day of tragedy, on which several catastrophic events took place, including the destruction of the First and Second Temples, as well as other calamities.
  • According to Hashem's decree, the Jews cried on the Ninth of Av because their fathers did not believe in Hashem's promise to bring them into the Land of Israel.

The Spies' Approach vs. Yehoshua and Calev's Approach

  • The 10 spies focused on the negative aspects of the land, emphasizing the giants and fortified cities, leading to a negative report.
  • In contrast, Yehoshua and Calev, who had a positive mindset, focused on the land's goodness and possibility, having faith in Hashem's promise.

Positive Mindset

  • A positive mindset involves viewing challenges as opportunities, having faith in a higher power, and focusing on the good in a situation.
  • People with a positive mindset view failure as a stepping stone to success, an opportunity to learn and grow, rather than as a source of discouragement.

Test your knowledge of the punishment of the Bnei Yisrael for accepting the spies' report with this quiz. Explore the consequences of their lack of faith in Hashem and their lack of appreciation of the Promised Land. See how well you remember the details of this significant event in Jewish history.

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