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Lecture 6: TH1 T cells

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What is the effector cytokine secreted by TH1 cells?


Which transcription factor gets activated in TH1 cells?


What is the master transcriptional regulator gene in TH1 cells?


Which type of pathogens do TH1 cells primarily respond to?

Intracellular parasites

What is the function of CD40L binding in TH1 cells?

Boost antimicrobial activity in macrophages

Which cytokine secreted by TH1 cells leads to autocrine signaling for macrophage survival?


What is the mechanism by which TH1 cells kill infected macrophages?

Apoptosis induction by FasL binding to Fas on infected cells

How do TH1 cells help CD8+ T cell activation?

( ) Stimulate CD8+ T cell proliferation through IL-2 secretion

What causes the death of cells in the center of granulomas formed by M.tuberculosis infection?

Lack of oxygen and cytotoxic effect of activated macrophages

Which signaling molecules are involved in TH1 cells' Signal 3?

IFNg and IL-12

What is the name given to M1 macrophages due to their activation by TH1 cells?

"Classically" activated macrophages

Which transcriptional regulator is considered the master regulator in TH1 cells?


In tuberculosis infections, what is the key function of a granuloma?

Contain a core of infected macrophages

Which cells are responsible for destroying most granulomas formed in tuberculosis infections?

"Other activated macrophages"

What are the two main STAT proteins involved in the signaling pathway of TH1 cells?

Stat 1 and Stat 4

What is the primary purpose of antibiotics in combating chronic M.tuberculosis infections?

"Kill intracellular pathogens"

'TH 1-mediated responses' are particularly important because they:

Activate macrophages to kill intracellular pathogens.

Test your knowledge on TH1 T-cell polarizing cytokines such as IFN-gamma and IL-12, transcription factors like STAT 1 and STAT 4, and master transcriptional regulator T-bet gene. Understand the effector functions of TH1 T-cells in activating cellular immunity against intracellular pathogens.

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