Sustainability in Business: Theory and Practice

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What is implied by the concept of 'sustainability' in the context of sustainable development?

A continuous maintenance and ability to continue an activity indefinitely

What is the difference between 'sustainability' and 'sustainable development'?

Sustainability is the aim, while sustainable development is the objective

What is necessary for mankind to survive and move towards higher levels according to Albert Einstein?

A new type of thinking

What is a paradigm shift?

A change from one way of thinking to another

What is the implication of an activity being 'sustainable'?

It can continue indefinitely

What does 'to develop' mean in the context of sustainable development?

To improve or get better

What is the main objective of the lecture on Sustainable Development Theory?

To understand the meaning of sustainability and the principles of sustainable development

What is the title of the book that warned about the dangers of overpopulation?

The Population Bomb

What is one of the global problems that businesses are expected to play a role in resolving?

Toxicity of chemicals

What is the primary idea behind the concept of 'The Tragedy of the Commons'?

The demise of open access resources

What is the title of the report that warned about the costs of unlimited economic growth?

The Limits to Growth

What are the two aspects of sustainability that students will be able to differentiate between after the lecture?

Weak and strong aspects of sustainability

What is the primary focus of the concept of inter-species equity?

Preserving the habitats and well-being of other species

What is the principal idea behind the precautionary principle?

Taking measures to minimize risks despite uncertainty

According to the WCED 1987, what is the primary goal of sustainable development?

Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs

What is the main implication of the changed understanding of sustainability?

It has become a more broadly encompassing concept

What is meant by the term 'intra-species equity'?

Ensuring equal rights and opportunities among human beings and future generations

What is the core idea of the 'essentially contested concept' approach to sustainability?

That sustainability is a concept that is open to different, often incompatible interpretations

What is the estimated value of natural capital services provided to humans in one generation?

Many quintillion dollars

According to the Sustainability Spectrum, which camp is characterized by pessimists?

Strong Camp

What is required for achieving sustainable development?

All of the above, including Inter-species, Intra-species, and Inter-generational equity considerations

What is a challenge for businesses in achieving sustainable development?

All of the above

What is lacking in terms of guidance for businesses in achieving sustainable development?

All of the above

What is the current era of sustainable development, according to the text?

The 4th era

What is the main idea behind the quote 'If we live as if it doesn't matter, and it matters, then it matters'?

The consequences of ignoring nature's importance will be severe

What is the primary focus of the ecocentric worldview?

Precaution and carrying capacity

What was the main goal of the Biosphere 2 experiment?

To develop a self-sustaining artificial ecosystem

What was the outcome of the Biosphere 2 experiment?

The scientists were evacuated after a few months due to falling oxygen and rising CO2 levels

What was the estimated cost of the Biosphere 2 project per person per year?


What is the implication of the Biosphere 2 experiment for the larger goal of sustaining 7 billion people?

It highlights the difficulties of scaling up to support a large population

Test your understanding of sustainable development and its principles, and learn to differentiate between weak and strong aspects of sustainability. Explore how business management can approach sustainable development. This quiz is based on Lecture 2 of MGMT 2004: Business and Sustainable Development.

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