200-03  (48-Hour Notice
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200-03 (48-Hour Notice

This quiz focuses on the right of supervisors to inquire about circumstances and make decisions without a 48-hour notice, as well as the requirement for providing employees with a notice of meetings or hearings. Test your knowledge on managerial rights and employee notifications.

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What is the right of supervisors regarding inquiring about a circumstance or situation?

Supervisors have the right to inquire about the facts of a circumstance or situation at any time.

What is the department’s obligation regarding meetings or hearings that are administrative in nature?

The department shall provide employees with a 48-hour notice of the time and location.

How many notices of interrogation must an employee receive before the first interrogation for a Class II violation investigated at divisional level by an internal affairs investigator?


What is the requirement for an employee before responding to subsequent interrogations related to the same complaint or any extension or collateral issue?

<p>The employee must be afforded a reasonable opportunity to consult with counsel or a representative.</p> Signup and view all the answers

What must supervisors and investigators follow as per the Corrective Action Manual?

<p>Part Three, Section 1, Subsections A., B., and C.</p> Signup and view all the answers

When should an investigator furnish the concerned employee with written notification?

<p>As soon as possible after the incident occurred</p> Signup and view all the answers

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