Somatosensory Pathways and Thalamus Quiz

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Which laminae are heavily involved in the mediation of information associated with nociception?

Lamina 1 & 2

Which neuropeptide is primarily released by first-order C fibers at the synaptic junction?

Substance P

Which tract is responsible for providing our immediate experience of pain due to its quicker fibers with heavier myelination?

Spinoreticular Tract

What is the first step in the process of nociception?


Which structure carries information on pain, temperature, and crude touch to terminal synapses in the brain?

Spinothalamic tract

What is the role of interneurons in the process of nociception?

Facilitating or inhibiting nociceception at the PNS or CNS

What is the primary function of the Reticular Formation RN and Raphe Nuclei PVG in the context of nociception?

Inhibiting action potentials associated with noxious stimuli

Which structure is primarily associated with visceral, emotional, and autonomic modulation in the context of nociception?

Periaqueductal Gray (PAG) and Tectum

Why is visceral nociception experienced as a diffuse and non-descript sensation of pain?

Due to the involvement of archi-paleo processing in the dorsal horn

Which tract is responsible for transmitting nociceptive and discriminatory information from the neospinothalamic tract to the sensory cortex?

Archispinothalamic tract

What is the function of the Gate Control Theory in pain modulation?

To acutely reduce the magnitude of nociceptive action potential before reaching the brain

Which structures are heavily involved in mediating descending inhibition system and nociception at the PAG?

Paleo tract, limbic nuclei, archispinothalamic tract

What is one of the functions of the periaqueductal gray matter?

Modulating and propagating pain

Which neurotransmitters are released at the dorsal horn to inhibit primary and second order neurons?

Norepinephrine and serotonin

What is the primary mechanism of central sensitization?

Homosynaptic potentiation

Test your knowledge of the somatosensory pathways and thalamus with this quiz. Explore the transmission of nociceptive and discriminatory information from different pathways to the sensory cortex via thalamus. Understand the contributions of neo, ant, archi, and paleo tracts to the processing of sensory information.

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