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Which UML diagram is used to depict the logical view of a software system?

Class diagram

Which aspect of the system is the process view concerned with?

System's runtime behavior and dynamic elements

What is another name for the development view of a software system?

Implementation view

Which UML diagram is used to describe the development view of a software system?

Package diagram

From whose perspective does the physical view of a software system portray the system?

System engineer

Which UML diagram is used to depict the process view of a software system?

Sequence diagram

What is the primary purpose of software architecture?

To define the overall structure and behavior of a software system

Which of the following is NOT a benefit of having a well-defined software architecture?

Eliminating the need for future changes or maintenance

How does software architecture influence an organization?

It influences the structure of the organization, and vice versa

What is the role of software architecture in managing cost and schedule?

It provides a basis for estimating and tracking project costs and timelines

How does software architecture support product line development?

It can be created as a reusable model for a family of related products

Which of the following is NOT a key responsibility of software architecture?

Specifying detailed data structures and algorithms

According to the definition, what does the software architecture of a system comprise?

Software elements, relations among them, and properties of both

What is the primary purpose of architectural design for software systems?

To transform architectural drivers into structures that guide the project

Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a task guided by the software architecture?

Detailed design and coding

What is the role of the architect in relation to architectural requirements?

To identify requirements that have particular importance for the software architecture

What is the primary purpose of the structures created during architectural design?

To guide the analysis, construction, and other project activities

What is the significance of architectural design in relation to new project members?

It provides a framework for training and onboarding new members

What is the key principle of interactions between components in a layered architecture?

Components should interact within the same layer

Which architecture is more suitable for a system that anticipates regular changes or replacements in its components?

Microservices architecture

What is recommended when dealing with structured data that may be updated by different system features?

Implementing a shared database with locking and transaction management

What adds overhead to a system when data is distributed across services?

Keeping data consistent

If a system is planned to run on the cloud with Internet access, what architecture is usually best?

Service-oriented architecture

Which scenario benefits most from isolating system components as separate services?

A system with unpredictable component changes

What is the main reason why documentation is often avoided and derided by programmers?

Programmers find documentation to be a tedious and time-consuming task

What is the main purpose of conducting an architectural evaluation?

To ensure that the decisions made in the design are appropriate to address the critical requirements

The text suggests that a formal architectural evaluation is advisable for which type of projects?

Projects that are nontrivial or truly important

What is the relationship between documentation and testing in software development?

Testing and documentation are both essential steps in software development, just as they are in other engineering disciplines

What is the main purpose of a 'blueprint' or documented design in other engineering disciplines?

To serve as an essential step in moving toward implementation and the commitment of resources

What are quality attributes, according to the text?

Measurable or testable properties of a system that indicate how well the system satisfies the needs of its stakeholders

Study Notes

Software Architecture Definition and Importance

  • Software architecture is the set of structures needed to reason about the system, comprising software elements, relations among them, and properties of both.
  • Architectural design involves making decisions to transform design purpose, requirements, constraints, and architectural concerns into structures.
  • These structures guide the project, including analysis, construction, cost and schedule estimation, team formation, risk analysis, and implementation.

Issues in Architectural Design

  • Architectural requirements, including how components are distributed and communicate with each other, and what technologies to use.
  • Key issues to consider: scalability, performance, and change frequency.

Importance of Software Architecture

  • Enables reasoning about and managing change as the system evolves.
  • Allows early prediction of a system’s qualities.
  • Enhances communication among stakeholders.
  • Carries the earliest and most fundamental design decisions.
  • Defines constraints on subsequent implementation.
  • Influences the structure of an organization.
  • Can provide the basis for evolutionary prototyping.
  • Key artifact for reasoning about cost and schedule.
  • Can be created as a transferable, reusable model.

Software Architecture Views/Perspectives

  • Logical View: concerned with system functionality, depicted using class diagrams and state diagrams.
  • Process View: focuses on system runtime behavior, dealing with dynamic elements, and addressed using sequence diagrams, communication diagrams, and activity diagrams.
  • Development View: concerned with software administration, depicted using UML Component diagrams and Package diagrams.
  • Physical View: portrays the system from the perspective of a system engineer, documented using blueprints.

Architectural Evaluation

  • Evaluating the design to ensure it addresses critical requirements.
  • Informal and internal evaluation, or formal evaluation by an external team.

Quality Attributes

  • Measurable or testable properties of a system to satisfy stakeholders’ needs.
  • Architectural model: a high-level model without implementation information.

Design Guidelines and Layered Architectures

  • Components at level X should only interact with APIs of components in level X-1.
  • Issues in architectural choice, including data type and updates, change frequency, and system execution platform.

Test your knowledge on software architecture and architectural design principles based on the definition provided from 'Software Architecture in Practice (third edition)'. Explore the similarities between architectural design for software systems and design in general.

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