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What is the main meaning conveyed by the idiomatic expression 'the canary in the mine'?

A warning signal about imminent danger

In translating the phrase 'an eight-man-strong terrorist cell' from English to Ukrainian, which transformation is NOT required?

Changing the word order of the entire phrase

What is the appropriate translation of the phrase 'open-arm policy' into Ukrainian?

політика відкритих обійм/рук

When translating phrases from English to Ukrainian, what transformation is necessary according to the text?

Changing the sequence of parts of phrases (permutation)

What does the text suggest about the phrase 'open-arm' in English?

It is not a fixed phrase in the dictionary

What should be the approach when translating attributive groups from English to Ukrainian?

Rearrange and modify the structure as needed

In the context of translating political texts, what does the term 'permutation' refer to?

Changing the order of words within a phrase

What is the significance of the example 'an eight-man-strong terrorist cell' in the text?

It demonstrates the challenges of translating attributive groups

What is the purpose of providing the example of translating 'open-arm policy'?

To show how to translate phrases by analogy

In the context of translating political texts, what is the significance of the term 'plausible'?

It suggests the use of appropriate distractors or alternatives

Study Notes

Socio-Political Translation Theory

  • Translation decisions have socio-political implications, and translators engage in cultural negotiation, considering their responsibility to the source text, target audience, and personal ethics.

Power Dynamics and Ideologies

  • Translation can maintain or challenge existing power structures, propagating or resisting dominant ideologies.
  • Scholars examine how translations shape narratives and identities, highlighting the political nature of translation.

Interdisciplinarity and Neutrality

  • Socio-political translation theory involves interdisciplinary approaches, acknowledging that complete neutrality is impossible due to the subjective nature of socio-political discourse.

Cultural Nuances and Contextual Knowledge

  • Cultural nuances and contextual knowledge are crucial for effective translation, requiring understanding of political systems, historical events, cultural norms, and idiomatic expressions.

Terminology and Challenges

  • Socio-political translation involves difficulties in terminology, bridging cultural gaps, and handling loaded language and rhetoric.

Political Language and Persuasive Speeches

  • Political language involves persuasion, reasoning, deceit, or hustling, using specific language elements like lexical units, colloquial words, and phraseological units.
  • Persuasive speeches aim to convince the audience, using emotional and/or logical appeals, and are affected by factors like body language and environment.

Specific Language Elements

  • News material uses specific terms, colloquial words, abbreviations, acronyms, phraseological units, and idioms to increase impact and understanding.
  • Examples of specific language elements include "the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps" (IRGC), "Department of Defense" (DOD), and "Democratic National Committee" (DNC).

Translation of Attributive Groups

  • Translating attributive groups requires rearrangement, adding words, and omitting adjectives, as seen in the example "an eight-man-strong terrorist cell".
  • Translators must apply transformations to convey the original meaning, such as changing the sequence of parts of phrases.

Test your knowledge on the socio-political implications of translation decisions, the translator's agency, and ethical considerations in translation. Explore how translators navigate responsibilities to the source text, target audience, and personal/professional ethics.

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