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What is prejudice?

Unjustified negative attitude towards an individual or group

How are prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination related?

They are related but not the same

What is systemic discrimination?

Policies, practices and laws that enforce or promote discrimination

What is the Implicit Association Test (IAT) primarily used for?

Measuring implicit attitudes and biases towards various groups

What did the 'Blue Eyes-Brown Eyes' experiment conducted by Jane Elliott aim to address?

Discrimination in a concrete way

What impact did the 'Blue Eyes-Brown Eyes' experiment have on students' academic performance?

Students in the inferior group performed worse

What type of advisories does Health Canada issue for contaminated water?

Boil Water Advisory, Do Not Consume/Drink Advisory, and Do Not Use Advisory

What has been the situation with Neskantaga First Nation's water treatment plant since 1995?

It has been broken since 1995, making the water a potential source of contamination.

What is the impact of the lack of access to clean water on the majority of Neskantaga's population?

They have never known clean water and face health issues as a result.

What is the main concern regarding the new mining plant?

Potential huge environmental impacts

What is the proposed solution in exchange for allowing mining companies to mine in the land?

Clean water and social supports for suicide crisis

What legislative change is being advocated for to address environmental issues?

Modernizing the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA)

What is the purpose of Bill C-226 introduced by MP Elizabeth May?

Addressing environmental racism in Canada

How are people discriminated against based on the text?

Denied equal access to resources

In what ways does racism occur as per the text?

Discrimination, systemic racism, violence, police brutality, slurs, racist stereotypes

Study Notes

  • Discrimination is learned and can stem from privileged positions in society
  • Normal, intelligent children can exhibit harmful behavior when given power
  • Academic performance can be affected by feelings of oppression
  • People arbitrarily assign in-groups and out-groups, influencing how we view others
  • Discrimination can stem from upbringing, leading to unequal treatment
  • Meritocracy, a society where individuals are judged based on abilities, is a societal ideal
  • Phonics scores in the experiment were linked to students' perceived "status" in the class
  • Systemic and systematic racism are different concepts, systemic refers to a system's tendency to exclude or marginalize racialized people systematically and unconsciously
  • Systemic racism is prevalent, as seen in the water crisis in Indigenous communities in Canada, where they lack access to clean water despite the country's abundance of resources
  • Neskantaga First Nation, a Canadian community, has been without safe tap water since 1995 and faces skin issues as a result, impacting the health and daily life of its residents.
  • Walter S., a resident, has reported cases of scabies in his family and believes it's linked to the water.
  • Stacey K., another resident, has an 11-month-old baby with eczema, and the water makes it difficult to bathe him regularly.
  • Neskantaga's water treatment plant has been broken since 1995, making the water a potential source of contamination.
  • Tara Sakanee, a resident, experiences itching and dry skin after showers.
  • The majority of Neskantaga's population is under 30 and has never known clean water.
  • The Canadian government has no binding regulations for water quality treatment on reserves, while the rest of the country has strict water quality restrictions.
  • Health Canada issues three types of drinking water advisories for contaminated water: Boil Water Advisory, Do Not Consume/Drink Advisory, and Do Not Use Advisory, all impacting the daily life of Indigenous communities.

Take this quiz to reflect on the important messages developed from a social experiment regarding discrimination, privilege, prejudice, and the effects of power dynamics on human behavior.

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