Social Cognitive Theory and Self-Efficacy Quiz

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What does Social Cognitive theory emphasize?

The critical role of cognition in behavior and self-regulation

According to Bandura, what is the single most important aspect of the sense of self?


How can a person increase their self-efficacy according to the text?

Experiencing personal mastery of a task

What is the key factor for a person in the construct of emotional coping responses?

Being able to deal with sources of anxiety

What can a person do to increase their self-efficacy by observing others?

Learn from observing others' performances

What does reinforcement + an individual’s expectations of the consequence of behavior equal according to Social Learning Theory?


Which construct in Social Learning Theory involves record keeping and self-reward when behavior is performed correctly?


What is the term used in health education that refers to the knowledge and skills necessary to perform a behavior that influences actions?

Behavioral capability

What does the Health Belief Model assume motivates people to take health actions?

Fear of diseases

According to Social Learning Theory, what may prevent a person from attempting a behavior despite feelings of competency or efficacy expectations?

Highly valued outcome expectations

Which construct in Social Learning Theory involves individuals monitoring their own behavior to gain control?


Test your knowledge on Social Cognitive theory and Self-efficacy concepts, which emphasize the role of cognition in behavior and the importance of self-confidence in performing actions. Explore how individuals construct reality, self-regulate, encode information, and change behaviors based on Bandura's theories.

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