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What is the purpose of identifying the Corpus Deliciti in an investigation?

To establish that a crime has been committed

Which of the following best describes the main objective of conducting interviews during an investigation?

To gather information

What is one key reason why Police Officers should review all sources of information collected from an investigation?

To prevent overlooking crucial information

When arriving at a crime scene, what is the primary responsibility of the officer?

Render assistance

What is the proper compression rate per minute during CPR for adults?

100-120 compressions per minute

In pediatric CPR, what is the recommended ratio of chest compressions to breaths?

15 chest compressions to 2 breaths

What is the depth of chest compressions for adult CPR?

2in to 2.5in

Which of the following is NOT an element of the Power and Control Wheel in domestic violence situations?

Using Physical Affection

What does NRS 171.137 legally compel in domestic violence situations?

Investigating any domestic violence situations and arresting all parties involved

In a dating relationship, which of the following relationships would NOT fall under this category?

An employer and employee

Quiz #5

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