Science and Technology in the Philippines: Doppler Radars

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Match the following locations with their Doppler radar installations:

Iloilo = Has a Doppler radar Palawan = Has a Doppler radar Guian = Has a Doppler radar Subic = Has a Doppler radar

Match the following regions with the number of Doppler radars present:

Luzon = Has X-Band radars Visayas = Has Doppler radars Mindanao = Has both Doppler and X-Band radars Metro Manila = Does not have any Doppler or X-Band radars

Match the following terms with their descriptions:

Doppler radars = Measure the rain volume and determine storm characteristics X-Band radars = Provide detailed images of top view of clouds Weather satellites = Less accurate than Doppler radars in measuring clouds Flood forecasting centers = Completed in 2017 to enhance disaster risk reduction

Match the following statements with their accurate cost range for radar stations:

Mid-range Doppler radar = Costs around P60 to P70 million pesos High-end Doppler radar = Sells for about P80 to P100 million pesos Weather satellite equipment = More expensive than high-end Doppler radars Flood forecasting centers construction = Included in the total cost of radar stations

Match the following capabilities with their corresponding technology:

Doppler radars = Can measure middle and lower clouds Weather satellites = Can only produce images of top view of clouds X-Band radars = Provide high-resolution data on specific weather events Radio waves technology = Used to detect storm characteristics

Match the following radar locations with their corresponding areas:

Quezon City = X-Band radar Mindanao = PAGASA central office Baler = PAGASA central office

Match the following scholarship programs with their descriptions:

RA 7687 Scholarship Program = Requires service to the country after completion of studies SETUP = Strategy to assist SMEs in adopting technological innovations

Match the following benefits with the SETUP program:

Address current problems = SETUP program Get free technical advice from the consultants = SETUP program Acquire new equipment to mechanize and/or improve production = SETUP program Boost productivity and competitiveness = SETUP program

Match the following fields with their importance in national development:

Science and technology education = Priority for scholarships Research and development = Priority for scholarships Invention and innovation = Priority for scholarships Science and mathematics teaching = Priority for scholarships

Match the following requirements with the RA 7687 Scholarship Program:

Serve the country on a full-time basis after completing studies = RA 7687 Scholarship Program Pursue priority fields of study in science and technology = RA 7687 Scholarship Program Render service to province or municipality upon completion of studies = RA 7687 Scholarship Program Organize technology-based livelihood activities or enterprises after graduation = RA 7687 Scholarship Program

Explore the major development programs in science and technology in the Philippines, focusing on Doppler radars installed by PAGASA for weather forecasting and disaster risk reduction. Learn about the impact of Doppler radars on improving rain volume measurements and flood forecasting capabilities.

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