Doppler Radars in the Philippines

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Match the following terms with their meanings:

RA 7687 Scholarship Program = Science and Technology Scholarship Act of 1994 SETUP = Strategy to assist SMEs in adopting technological innovations PAGASA = Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration MSMEs = Micro Small and Medium Enterprises

Match the following benefits with the SETUP program:

Address current problems = Improving overall company operations Free technical advice from the consultants = Availing technical assistance Acquire new equipment to mechanize production line = Upgrade productivity and competitiveness Standardize and improve quality of products = Conform to national and international standards

Match the following actions with the RA 7687 Scholarship Program:

Pursuing priority fields of study in basic sciences = Talented and deserving students Serving the country on full-time basis upon completion of Bachelor's degree = Field of training service to province or municipality Creating a pool of scientists, engineers, and technicians = Filling the needs of industrialization Organizing technology-based livelihood activities or enterprises = Rendering service related to completed course or training

Match the following locations with X-Band radars placement:

Quezon City = PAGASA central office Mindanao = X-Band radar installation Baler = PAGASA central office Philippines = X-Band radar placement

Match the following areas with the focus of RA 7687 Scholarship Program:

Basic sciences, engineering, applied sciences = Priority fields of study Science and mathematics teaching = Deserving science students Higher education or training in science and technology = Scholarships and grants-in-aid Service to province or municipality upon completion of studies = Requirement for scholarship recipients

Match the Doppler radar location with its corresponding city:

Baler = Aurora Baguio = Baguio Iloilo = Iloilo Virac = Catanduanes

Match the following radar types with their capabilities:

Doppler radars = Measure rain volume and determine storm movement X-Band radars = Provide high-resolution data for localized weather events Mid-range radars = Cost around P60 to P70 million pesos High-end radars = Cost around P80 to P100 million pesos

Match the weather parameter with its measurement capability:

Doppler radars = Determine storm's distance, speed, and directional movement Weather satellites = Detect presence of storms

Match the organization with the number of Doppler radars they stated are in the country:

PAGASA = Two flood forecasting and warning centers DOST = More high-end Doppler radars

Match the characteristic with the coverage area of Philippine RADARs as mentioned:

Coverage area of 200 km from the station = 200 km2 Spatial coverage of 1 km2 = 200 km

Learn about the Doppler weather radar stations installed by PAGASA in the Philippines to enhance weather forecasting and disaster risk reduction capabilities. Discover how Doppler radars measure rain volume and enable forecasters to detect storms.

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