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Psychological Factors in Stress Appraisals

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What is the role of psychology in stress appraisals?

Evaluating the event as good or bad

In psychological terms, what happens if a situation is perceived as benign or irrelevant?

It results in favourable outcomes

What is the purpose of secondary appraisal in stress and coping processes?

To assess how to deal with the event

What type of coping style is typically used in controllable situations?

Problem-focused coping

Which of the following is considered a problem-focused coping strategy?

Active coping

What is the main emphasis of coping strategies according to the text?

Reducing emotional impact

Which coping mechanism is typically used in situations perceived as uncontrollable or beyond individual resources?

Emotion-focused coping

Which coping strategy involves keeping oneself busy to take the mind off an issue or problem?

Avoidance coping

Which personality trait is associated with individuals who believe they have to perform perfectly at all times to be loved and respected?

High achievers striving for perfection

Which locus of control reflects confidence in one's ability to influence events?

Internal locus of control

In stressful situations, what does an optimistic outlook encourage individuals to do?

Embrace challenges and accept change

What combination of coping strategies is suggested as more effective than using a single strategy alone?

Combination of emotion-focused and problem-focused coping

What are some cognitive symptoms of stress mentioned in the text?

Difficulty completing simple tasks, disorganized, easily distracted

Which personal consequences of stress are highlighted in the text?

Depression, emotional outbursts, insomnia

What behavioral changes may indicate stress according to the text?

Drinking or smoking more than usual, difficulty falling asleep, early morning awakening

Which interpersonal consequences of stress are mentioned in the text?

Family conflicts, conflicts with co-workers, devalued relationships

What are some emotional symptoms of stress mentioned in the text?

Hopeless or withdrawn, self-critical, general negative attitudes or thoughts

Which performance-related consequences can result from stress according to the text?

Decreased productivity, deterioration in work quality, inability to meet deadlines

Which cognitive symptom is NOT associated with stress based on the text?

Alcohol and drug abuse

Which behavioral change is least likely to indicate stress according to the text?

'Inability to meet deadlines'

Which personal consequence of stress is NOT mentioned in the text?

Muscle weakness

Which cognitive symptom is associated with stress based on the text?

Trouble concentrating

What interpersonal consequence of stress is highlighted in the text?


Which performance-related consequence can result from stress according to the text?

Work absenteeism

Which psychological consequence of stress is NOT highlighted in the text?

Physical health problems

Increased productivity is a psychological consequence of stress.


Being hypersensitive to compliments is an emotional symptom of stress.


Misplacing items frequently is a cognitive symptom of stress.


If someone is emotionally drained, they are likely to be hopeful and engaged.


Having no time for relaxation or exercise is a behavioral change that may indicate stress.


Match the following emotional symptoms of stress with their descriptions:

Irritated or impatient = Feeling tense Hopeless or withdrawn = Apathetic (stop caring) Angry or argumentative = Overwhelmed by responsibility Tearful or sad = Emotionally drained

Match the following cognitive symptoms of stress with their descriptions:

Misplacing items = Forgetting appointments, deadlines, etc. Indecisive = Difficulty completing simple tasks Disorganized = Vague feelings of confusion Self-critical = Unable to get worries off your mind

Match the following personal consequences of stress with their descriptions:

Severe Anxiety = Emotional outbursts Loss of interest in life’s pleasures = Insomnia Depression = Eating disorders Alcohol and drug abuse = Physical health problems

Match the following performance-related consequences of stress with their descriptions:

Decreased productivity = Work absenteeism Deterioration in work quality = Inability to meet deadlines Declining work habits = Complete breakdown in functioning Inability to meet deadlines = Decreased productivity

Study Notes

Stress Appraisal and Coping

  • Primary Appraisal: evaluating the event as good, bad, or stressful
  • Secondary Appraisal: evaluating how to cope with the event
  • Coping: cognitions and behaviors to reduce stress and moderate its emotional impact
  • Coping Styles:
    • Problem-Focused Coping: used in controllable situations, involves active coping, planning, instrumental social support, and problem-solving
    • Emotion-Focused Coping: used in uncontrollable situations, involves emotional coping, emotional social support, expressing emotions, and praying for guidance and strength
    • Avoidance Coping: temporarily effective in terminal events, involves keeping busy, ignoring the problem, denial, distraction, and drug use for avoidance

Locus of Control

  • Internal Locus of Control: confidence in one's ability to influence events
  • External Locus of Control: knowledge and preparation can ease coping with stressful situations

Personality and Stress

  • Vulnerable Personality: creative, active, and perfectionistic individuals who set unrealistic goals and may experience burnout
  • People Pleasers: individuals who feel the need to prove themselves and lack self-esteem, leading to burnout
  • Optimistic Outlook: embracing challenges and accepting change reduces stress

Social Support and Stress

  • Social Support acts as a buffer against life's stressors
  • Support Network helps to reduce stress and cope with difficult situations

Learn about how psychological factors influence stress appraisals and coping mechanisms. Explore how the appraisal of a situation can determine the level of stress experienced, and how coping strategies can lead to either favorable or unfavorable outcomes.

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