Proteins: Structure and Function Lecture

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What is the percentage of cellular dry weight constituted by proteins?


Who suggested the name 'proteins' to the group of organic compounds important to life?


What is the meaning of the Greek word 'proteios', from which the term 'protein' is derived?

First place

On what basis are proteins classified?

Structure and Function

What type of proteins have a folded structure from one subunit?

Tertiary Proteins

What type of proteins exhibit the presence of intra-hydrogen bonding in their structure?

Secondary Proteins

Which type of proteins consist of more than one subunit and are folded proteins?

Quaternary proteins

What are the two functional groups present in amino acids?

Amino and carboxyl

Which type of amino acids contain the hydroxyl group?

Hydroxyl group containing amino acids

Which category of amino acids are subclassified into three broad categories: mono amino mono carboxylic acid, mono amino dicarboxylic acid, and di/poly amino mono carboxylic acid?

Aliphatic amino acids

Which amino acid belongs to the category of simple amino acids?


Which category of amino acids contains tryptophan and histidine?

Heterocyclic amino acids

Which type of proteins are involved in signaling pathways and regulation of various biological processes?

Regulatory or Hormonal proteins

What is the general structure of an amino acid with an asymmetric and optically active alpha carbon atom?

D-amino acid

Which category of proteins includes myosin, actin, and tubulin for muscle contraction and cell division?

Contractile proteins

What is the classification of amino acids based on nutritional requirements?

Based on nutritional requirements

This lecture covers the fundamental aspects of proteins, including their abundance in living systems, their role in cellular structure and function, and their discovery by chemist G.J. Mulder. Presented by Dr. Michael Mounir from the Faculty of Science at Helwan University.

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