Politics: Compromise, Consensus, and Power

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What is politics often referred to as?

The art of the possible

What is the focus of politics according to the 'politics as power' view?

The production, distribution, and use of resources

What is the original meaning of the Greek word 'polis'?


What is the primary objective of a Political Science course in college?

To educate students for citizenship

What is the study of politics often referred to as?

Political Science

What skills does a Political Science course aim to provide students with?

Civic skills

What are some of the career paths that Knowledge of Political Science prepares students for?

Law, Foreign Service, public administration, politics, teaching, economics

Who is credited with writing the first systematic work on political affairs?


What is the title given to Aristotle?

Father of Political Science

During which stage of development did the concept of the state as a human institution emerge?

Metaphysical stage

Who is credited with the title “Father of Modern Political Science”?

Niccolo Machiavelli

During the Religious stage, what was believed to be the source of the power to rule?

The Supreme Being

What is the primary concern of jurisprudence?

The analysis of existing legal systems

What is the role of political philosophy in the study of political science?

To infuse certain values into political theories

What is the significance of the law in the study of political science?

It is indispensable to understanding the state and government

What is the observational method used for in political science?

To determine the voting behavior of the electorate

What is the historical method used for in political science?

To enlighten students on the origin and evolution of the state and its institutions

What is the relationship between political science and law?

Political science provides law practitioners with knowledge on the nature of the state and government

What is the fundamental goal of the field of inquiry with a diverse scope?

To advance management and policies for effective government functioning

What is the primary focus of the study of Political Dynamics?

The interplay of societal forces influencing political decisions

What is the significance of the legislature in the context of political science?

It makes laws and has a crucial role in the political process

What type of economy is the Philippines considered to have?

Mixed market economy

What is the role of government in a mixed market economy like the Philippines?

It exercises both regulatory and corporate functions

What is the outcome of the legislative process in political science?

Creation of laws

What is the primary goal of the government in maintaining domestic order and tranquility?

To maintain a stable and peaceful environment

What is the government's role in promoting general welfare?

To provide essential public services and promote health and sanitation

What is the significance of the freedom of association and freedom of religion?

They are inalienable rights of man and should not be subject to restraints

What is the concept of 'acts of government' in the context of state and government?

Acts of the government are done within the boundary of its power as agent

What is the primary objective of the government in promoting public morality?

To set a high standard of morality in running the affairs of the state

What is the significance of the concept of 'common defense of the state'?

It is necessary for the protection of the state from external aggression

Explore the different aspects of politics, including the resolution of conflicts through compromise, conciliation, and negotiation, as well as the role of power in shaping political outcomes. Test your understanding of the complexities of politics and its various forms.

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