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What is the purpose of an honor code in an academic community?

To deter academic dishonesty

What consequences can violating the honor code lead to?

Expulsion from the institution

What is a common practice in police courtesy according to the text?


What is the main principle highlighted in the Police Trainee's Code of Conduct?

Honesty and truthfulness

Who should junior members address with the word 'Sir' or 'Ma'am'?

Senior members

How do police trainees show respect during ceremonies according to the text?

By standing at attention and saluting

What is the purpose of the Christmas Call that PNP members pay?

To call on local executives

On what occasion would newly promoted PNP members call on their unit head?

Promotion Call

When do PNP members pay an Exit Call on their superiors?

When they get reassigned

What is the purpose of the Courtesy Calls mentioned in the text?

For accounting, orientation, and other purposes

Test your knowledge on the proper protocol for saluting and addressing senior police officers. Learn the correct ways to address Police Commissioned Officers and Police Non-Commissioned Officers as a junior in rank.

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